Slayer Bells

Slayer Bells

Here at Pretty Green we are getting quite excited about the impending festive season, so when we spotted the ‘Slayer vs Fairy Lights’ video we wanted to find out some other alternative ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. Here are a couple of the more, urm, interesting ones we have uncovered so far…

– Caracas, Venezuela – A local Christmas eve tradition in the state is to roller skate to morning mass on Christmas eve… This is now so popular that the roads in the city are closed to accommodate all the skaters. Children also tie string to their big toes, to dangle out of windows; as the skaters go past they tug on the string – there is no explanation as to what this achieves apart from highly annoyed children

– Austria – Krampus Night – Krampus is Santa’s evil twin over in Europe. His job is to beat the naughty children(!!!) and every year on the 5th December people take to the streets dressed as him. The main objectives (well, as far as we can we can work out) are to hit each other with sticks and drink so much they cannot feel the beatings

– Czech Republic – On Christmas eve, unmarried Czech women like to predict their love lives for the next year. Think you would like to have a shot? Simply stand with your back to your door and toss one of your shoes over your shoulder. If it lands with the toe facing the door, you will get married within the year. If it lands with the heel facing the door, you will spend the year single. No mention is made as to what the future holds if you throw the shoe so far you lose it or manage to hit your flatmate with it

We still think this ode to the Festive Season is the best…

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