Splash Landing at Perth's Red Bull Air Race

Splash Landing at Perth's Red Bull Air Race

Last weekend, Brazilian pilot Adilson Kindlemann became an internet star overnight. Not in the Paris Hilton way, but for an unfortunate incident in the World’s fastest motorsport…

In the sublime surroundings of Western Australia, Kindlemann’s Red Bull Air Race plane crash-landed into Swan River whilst qualifying for the Perth leg of this year’s World Championship. Unlike last year’s San Diego Air Race when the 2008 World Champion, Hannes Arch, turned a unwitting pelican into mince-meat by introducing it to his propeller, this was not an avian-related incident. In fact, this was less of a crash and more of a controlled landing. At first glance the video looks like he simply plummets uncontrollably into the drink, but as any aviation expert will tell you, the fact he remained composed, levelled his wings and landed tail first possibly saved his life.

Despite the fact the Red Bull Air Race pilots regularly exceed 300kph, pull up to 12Gs on every turn, whilst negotiating the challenging courses, in seven years of the Red Bull Air Race, this is the first of such an incident. It goes to show that whist this is a dangerous sport, the pilots and ground safety-teams are forever on their toes.

Moving onwards and upwards, the next stop for the 2010 Red Bull Air Race are the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro where Britons Paul Bohomme and Nigel Lamb currently hold a great 1-2. Whilst the fleets of Europe are grounded, it seems that not even a volcanic plume is going to stop this year’s World Championship…

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