Who wants to be a millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

We’re already a competitive bunch at PrettyGreen, so when the opportunity came to launch Paddy Power’s new social gaming site, BetDash, we jumped at the chance. Finally, we had the means to establish once and for all who knows more about sport in the office…

The game is simple; BetDash gives you 10 days to turn a virtual £100,000 to make £1,000,000 betting on sporting events and challenging other player’s punts. The over-riding urge is to immediately press ‘withdraw’ when you see those zeros light up your screen, but competitive spirit has taken over and the PrettyGreen league has now been set-up.


Surely with our (my) deep-rooted (nerdy) sporting knowledge (obsession), we’ll (I’ll) get to a £1million in no time. Even now though it’s clear what is really at stake: office bragging-rights.

Watch this space, it could get messy…

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